Vital Questions

“Vital Questions” was a special series of meetings held in Brookfield by Eugene Higgins from New Jersey from March 8, 2015 – March 23, 2015


All Audio recordings of this series are be posted here:  Vital Questions Audio Recordings

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Outline Overview:

I) The Being of God

 A) Sunday March 8     Is God there?

To what conclusion does the available evidence point?

What are the implications of the existence or non-existence of God?

B) Monday March 9     Is God fair?

If God is Love, why is the world so dangerous and chaotic?

If God is almighty, why does He not intervene? 

C) Tuesday March 10     Is God aware and does He care?

Is God omniscient – does He really know me and what I experience in life?

Is God benevolent – does He really have any concern for my well-being?

II) The Word of God

 A) Wednesday March 11     Is the Bible true? (Is it reliable?)

 B) Thursday March 12     Is the Bible for you? (Is it relevant?)

III) The Son of God

A) Friday March 13     What did Christ say?

The “DNA” of the Messiah is indisputable evidence as to Who He is.

The declarations of the Messiah are incontrovertible exclamations as to Who He is.

B) Sunday March 15     What did Christ pay?

His death was unique.

His provision is universal. 

C) Monday March 16     Is Christ alive today?

Did He really rise?

Does He really reign? 

 D) Tuesday March 17     Is Christ the only way?

Is this logical? – What about other great religious leaders?

Is this scriptural? – What about people who lived before Christ came?

Is this practical? – What about “non-Christian” cultures?

IV) Mankind 

A) Wednesday March 18     Is there any life after death?

Departure: When a person leaves this world, does he continue to exist?

Arrival: If there is life after death, where does a human exist? 

B) Thursday March 19     Is there any meaningful life before death?

Why do some people experience a sense of “cosmic loneliness” – as though something is constantly missing?

Why do some people experience a sense of constant companionship – as though Someone is always present?

V) The Future

Sunday March 22     Will it be “the end of the world?”

Is there any way to know what is coming?

Is there any way to prepare for what is coming?

VI) The Question

Monday March 23     What should I do about truth?

What is the intellectually honest conclusion?

What is the morally proper choice?

What is the scripturally advised course?